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Page 2 - Alternative Power Installations Gallery


Twin Outback installation

Stacking the inverters allows us to increase the output power and charge current. I think the OUTBACK enclosures and breakers make for a tidy and user friendly installation. Note the flat object mounted on the left of the enclosures. This is the "HUB" or comms interface between the two inverters and the "MATE" control/display unit on the far left

  Wattshop customer's array 1050 watt array using BP SOLAR panels. Photo taken during construction. A good size, frames have room for two more panels should they be needed  
  An install at a remote location in the Far North, March '06.
An install at a remote location in the Far North, March '06.  

In this installation the clients had already installed the batteries in a purpose - built enclosure on the other side of this wall. Our two electricians were able to connect & commission the prebuilt system panel for a 24/7 power supply using the customer's generator to charge the batteries when necessary (in this case, a couple of hours on the genset every 2-3 days).

The PV array above was commissioned by one of the team on the next days visit. It's expected that the generator will now only be required occasionally


The customers were able to save on labour costs by building the kitset frame for the panels. When mono crystalline PV is used in conjunction with an Outback MPPT regulator as on the panel on below left, the full potential of these 175 watt panels can be utilised. Polycrystalline panels performance is also improved but monos are the best.
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